Clogged shower drains or kitchen sinks are nothing new at homes or apartments. But if your household is experiencing more than once case of a blocked drain, it’s worthwhile considering why the situation might be recurring. Read along to understand what may cause the drains in your home to clog and the preventative steps you can take to avoid the scenario in the future:

It’s Probably Hair

Hair is perhaps the number one culprit in causing drain blockages. This is the most common reason for shower drain clogging. Hair never really flushes down the drainpipe. It can stick to sticky substances along the drain pipe and cause blockages. Your local plumber Pakenham would tell you that the best way to prevent this situation is to stop hair from getting in to the drains. Use a drain guard, especially in the shower, and clean it out at least twice a week. Don’t put the hair on the drain guard back in the drain.

Dirt is a Big Culprit too

After hair, dirt is the biggest culprit in blocking drains. Dirt on your hands, feet, or rest of the body can get washed down the drain and accumulate into a blockage. The best way to prevent dirt build-up is to use a drain guard with fine points that can filter out tiny dirty particles.

Surprise: Soap Scum

It may be hard to believe, but soapy residue can get stuck inside drain pipes and cause blockages. Remember, soap is made from grease. Soap scum is made when this great combined with minerals in water. Areas with hard water may be more susceptible to this type of blockage.

Food Waste is Common

Clogged sink drain, again? This happens mostly in sinks without garbage disposals to crush food waste. The biggest food culprits are coffee grounds or tea leaves from cups, greasy foods may also cause sink drain blockages. Once more, use a drain guard or install a garbage disposal to prevent this issue.

Tree Roots!

Yes, tree roots could be growing into your drainpipe, causing blockages. A professional plumber can inspect tree roots and offer you a best solution. Cleaning tree roots from pipes can be a weird and complicated job. So make sure you hire a master professional. Also, check your house for cracks that may cause tree roots to enter the drainage system.

The Big No: Toilet Paper or Sanitary Pads

Flushing excessive amounts of toilet paper can also cause blockages in certain drainage systems. It’s recommended to use a waste basket with a lid for the toilet paper you will be using to prevent this type of messy problem. Also, you must absolutely avoid flushing down sanitary napkins or tampons down the toilet. It will clog the toilet drain. Use another way to discard these things instead of flushing them down.

Various Objects You Never Thought of

Lost an earring down the drain months ago? It might be what’s causing the blockage in the sink. Small objects that fall down drains can get stuck between the pipes. Then other things get stuck around is, leading to a major blockage. Using a drain guard can prevent little things from accidentally dropping in to the drain pipe.

Now that you know what’s causing the problem with tips to avoid it in the future. Make sure you properly maintain the house drainage and plumbing system to ensure overall safety of the place.



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