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The truth is that no matter what you say or do there is really no shortcut to take away the pain of losing a loved one. However that said there are methods in which you can try to handle grief in a healthy way so that the necessary arrangements can be made as well. Therefore here are some ways you can handle your grief and slowly overcome the pain.

Change the Way You Look At It

The memorial service of a loved one is most of the time a very sober affair with everybody paying their respects to the dearly departed. But what if rather than following this pattern you actually held a celebration of their life? Look for funeral directors Melbourne and ask them to help you organise a ceremony that remembers the deceased as they were in life. It will actually be a great, genuine way of bidding one last farewell to your loved one. Just think about it, would they ever want to see you in pain and tears? So, change the way you think about it. Remember the memories and the love does not focus on the loss. This will help you heal inside as well.

Get Help

You cannot and should not try to handle everything on your own. You will need time to go through the motions and come to terms with what has happened. So trying to bottle things up and taking on way too much responsibility can actually take a very negative toll on you. Rather than trying to be unnecessarily brave, arrange for professionals to do the arrangements and help them out. But also take time to be alone and with your family and friends who can be there to help you through this trying time.

Take Your Time

The way that every single person deals with loss and pain is very different. Whereas one person would bounce back pretty soon another would feel almost crippled for years. However what you need to understand is that there is no deadline for feeling the pain. You should take all the time you want and let yourself heal because if you do not let that to happen you will be living with pain bottled inside you and it will come back to haunt you at some point in life. Don’t go on dwelling about the loss and try your best to actively overcome the pain and move on in life because that is what your loved one would have wanted too. But if you need time to deal with the loss, be kind to yourself and give yourself all the time that is needed.

Don’t Compare

Your loss is your loss. No other loss can come close to that and no other loss should be undermined either. Stop comparing your grief to others’ and how fast they have recovered. You are your own person and you should have enough respect for yourself to understand that this is something very personal.

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