From a very young age, we are taught to brush our teeth twice a day. Most of our parents went to painful lengths to teach us how to do the brushing right. But as adults, some of us neglect the important lessons we learned as children. Such as, do we really need to brush teeth two times a day as mom repeatedly said? When you come home from work tired out of your mind, you might not want to do anything except just crash and sleep. Sometimes working or Netflixing late into the night leads us to neglect good dental hygiene practises. In reality though, you should never neglect to brush your teeth. Here are the reasons why:

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Prepare for a World of Pain

The ultimate consequence of not brushing your teeth? Tooth decay. You might have had to go to the dentist as a child to remove a decayed tooth once or twice. The condition is common, but is very serious. Tooth decay means the enamel of your teeth is corroded by acids excreted by bacteria in your mouth. Oral bacteria thrive on food particles that get stuck between teeth. Brushing removes such food residue. When you don’t brush, oral bacteria has a massive feast and leaves acids that damage the enamel. The enamel simply washes away with the acids, leaving holes and physical damage on your teeth. Sometimes the damage exposes nerve ends, causing terrible toothaches that keep you awake at night. This is the main reason you should brush your teeth as recommended.

You Could Lose Your Tooth

In some cases, the damage caused by tooth decay can become very severe. Meaning, most parts of the enamel can get corroded, reducing a fully functional tooth into a stub. In some cases, the decay may result is serious nerve problems as well. If this occurs, your dentist will have to recommend that you pull out the tooth. It would result in a tooth gap. If the decay occurs on front teeth, that means your smile will be affected as well. Not to worry too much, however. Tooth gaps can be fixed. You will have to ask your dentist for dental implants and crowns to act as a prosthetic tooth filling the gap.

You will be At Risk for Gum Disease

Tooth decay is not the only problem caused by not brushing teeth. You can be at risk for gum disease as well. It is a very serious health problem that leads to inflammation or infection of the gums. When gums are affected, your teeth can be too. If gum disease is untreated, it can result in tooth loss.

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Brace Yourself for Very Expensive Dental Bills

Fixing tooth gaps, treating decayed teeth, or treating gum disease will require you to go to the dentist. And most dentists aren’t cheap. Various treatment options for diseases that occur because of bad oral hygiene is quite expensive as well. You can literally save thousands of dollars for taking five minutes each day to just brush your teeth.

So now you know why you should brush your teeth as your parents, teacher, and dentist recommend.

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