Planning your wedding destination can be time taking and at times be very confusing. You might have a plan, but how to execute it, where to go, which day to select, how to arrange and many more ‘w-h’ questions will certainly haunt you until the D-day arrives. You can have an event management team or a wedding planner to take care of everything, but unless and until you have the answers of all your questions, you can’t take a step forward. Here are some questions that will help you to find the best destination wedding for you.

Do you have that budget to afford?

Budget is the factor that plays the role to set up the bridge between your dream and reality. If you are unable to afford your expensive wedding somewhere in the foreign country then only dreaming will not help you much! You have to think differently with limited budget and in such conditions; you can arrange your destination wedding within your country, but in some exotic locations, like Mount Macedon. Search for affordable mount macedon accommodation online and you will find plenty of offers on venues for wedding.

When are you going to marry?

If you have already fixed your wedding date then you have to select the destination wedding date according to it. Where you would like to get your gala event done? Is it a mountain top or a beach? If your wedding is during the winter then selecting beach side location is much better than a snowy mountain resort, or vice versa.

Have you asked whether all your guests have passports or not?

Wedding venues should have all sorts of modern features and thus it is necessary to have a prior knowledge of what are the facilities present in the venue. Now, while you start inviting your guests, you should inform them about the destination wedding. Passport is required if you are selecting a foreign land for your wedding. Problems arise when you start inviting your guests and they don’t have the passport. So, make it clear to them and ensure everyone has passport to travel the distance.

Where the arrangement for the guests should be done?

There should not be any discrepancy in the arrangement for the guests, who are flying to the destination to attend your wedding. Starting from lavish hotels to meals, flight and cab booking, etc. you have to take care of everything and ensure that the hospitality of the guests are not compromised at any cost.

Finally, the selection of wedding venue is the most confusing decision. Would you like to tie your knot in a beach side luxury resort or at a church or in some historical places (for hiring historical venues you have to take prior permission from the authority)? Whatever, is your decision, book it in advance to avoid last minute glitch.

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