Melbourne is one of the most populated cities in Australia and for a good reason too. The city is a hub for various industries and provides a high standard of living for its population. The city located on the eastern coast of Australia is also very multicultural and provides an environment where cultures can interact with one another harmoniously. However given that it has the second highest population in the entire country, the city can be quite crowded and residences can be quite steep in prices. Therefore if you want to travel to Melbourne and enjoy the city without worrying about your bank balance, then head to one of the less expensive suburbs instead.

Visit the Suburbs

The suburbs in Australia are considered to be a named urban locality in a city whose location doesn’t really matter for the term. “Inner Suburbs” refer to the older and denser areas in the city that are still urbanized while “Outer Suburbs” refers to the less dense areas located further from the metropolitan area.  In the Eastern Suburbs of Melbourne is Croydon, one of the suburbs that belong to the City of Maroondah in Melbourne.

Unlike the Melbourne City Centre, the population of people in Cryodon falls just below 30,000 and if you want a room in a hotel, you find a good one for less than a hundred AUD per night. Given the price and the fact that such suburbs are always more pleasant to stay in, let me tell you the things you can do, if you choose to stay here.

You Can Explore Its Many Parks and Lakes

This suburb has some of the most serene parks in Melbourne and there are so many to choose from. Given the proximity to the city centre, you may think it is impossible to have such beautiful parks but you couldn’t be more wrong. The Tarralla Creek Trail is an amazing trail with lush trees and bushes lining the path that follows the Tarralla Creek Trail, it simply looks like a slice of paradise. They also have a children’s park located within so little children will be excited.

You Can Have an Amazing and Affordable Dining Experience

Even though the suburb does not have as many restaurants as the city centre would, the options it provides are absolutely delicious. From grills to fining restaurants, you have a variety of places you could visit and they all serve amazing food. You can find a restaurant Croydon that provides international menus to its diners. There are others which are more cuisine specific. Regardless of which cuisine you want to indulge in for the day, satisfaction is guaranteed.

You Can Shop Until You Drop

The city has a lot of shopping options with the Tree-lined area in Main Street being a popular choice for all families who live here. Other options include and are not limited to Croydon Central and the Arndale Civic Shopping centre.

As a whole, Croydon is an amazing place to visit with wonderful things to do. So make sure to give the city a visit.

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