Whenever something goes wrong with our vehicle, we blame the road, our mechanic or even the weather. We always tend to blame an external source because we think that they damaged our car somehow. However, the truth is, most often than not, the reason for our vehicles to get damaged is our own irresponsible behavior. We do not take proper care of the vehicle and we drive recklessly. There are certain driving habits that can put your vehicle at greater risk. The following are some such driving habits that you need to be aware of.

Passing the Speed Limit

If you think that it is ‘cool’ to pass the speed limit every now and then, you definitely have the wrong idea about what is ‘cool’. It doesn’t matter what the emergency is or how exhilarating it makes you feel. You need to remember that driving past the speed limit is never worth it. Not only will it put your vehicle in immense danger, but it can affect your life too. Most of all, such reckless driving can put an innocent person on the road in danger unnecessarily. So, always stay below the speed limit!

Drunk Driving

Regardless of the number of case studies and documentaries we may have heard of, there are still those who drive after drinking. You may think you are okay and that you are in control, but you are not and you definitely will not be after some time. You need to understand the fact that alcohol can affect your hand-eye coordination significantly. So, driving under the influence of alcohol or any other substance is not a good idea. This will not only endanger your car and probably your life, but it can put you in serious legal trouble as well.

Texting While Driving

Current research shows that a lot of motor accidents are caused because people have a tendency to use the phone while they are driving. It doesn’t matter who are you talking to or what you are talking about, it cannot be more important than your own life! So, if it is an important message, you just got to pull over, finish the conversation, and then continue your journey. Keep in mind that all it takes is a second of distraction for you to lose control over the vehicle.

Driving a Malfunctioning Vehicle

This is yet another reckless habit that majority of the drivers have. Even if we know very well that our vehicle is in a bad condition, we still drive it anyway because we believe that it still has some life and capacity in it. The fact that ‘it hasn’t broken down yet’ is not really a good excuse for you to keep driving an unsafe vehicle. For instance, if your vehicle needs a change of engine oils immediately, you shouldn’t drive your vehicle till then. If you drive it without making this change, it will not only damage your engine severely, but it will put your life and vehicle at risk too.

It is highly important for you to stop following the above driving habits immediately for the sake of your own life and that of others.

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