Having a baby is one of the greatest gifts of all. As a couple, to have your first baby would mean that you are finally creating your very own family. This child is going to rely on you and your ability to raise them in the best possible way, leading them to become good persons in the future.

Rearing the children and making sure they get a good future is important. But, for now, you have a new-born baby and your most significant job at this moment is to keep the baby healthy and safe. Here are the top guidelines for first time parents in keeping the baby safe while at home:

Be Aware Of the Way You Hold Them

Babies in general, not only new-borns, are fragile and needs extreme care when handling them. For newborns, the level of care required is even greater. The key is to support the baby’s head properly at all times. Carefully pick them up and place them back to their beds. You must not shake the baby or leave them alone, especially when they are awake.

Check On Their Bed

The crib is where the baby will be staying for quite a long time until they can be able to sleep on a bed of their own without the fear of them falling from the bed. Make sure that their cribs are not cluttered with a lot of stuff that can potentially cover their faces or their airways which can lead to sudden infant death syndrome. The way you position the baby while asleep is also important. As much as possible, the baby should sleep on their back.

Choose Their Toys Wisely

When having a newborn, it is easy to buy toys and knick-knacks that you think the baby would love to play with. Beware of this habit and keep in mind that your new-born is still so young to even recognize toys. If you really want to give them toys, make sure they are safe according to the set standards on safety. Instead of giving metal or plastic toys, you may want to give them those made of wood instead. Well, Australian wooden toys are usually made of good quality wood and are painted with non-toxic materials that are considered safe for the baby to play with.

Get Good Quality Baby Equipment and Furniture

Baby equipment would include the stroller, car seats, playpens and diaper changing tables, among others. Car seats, in particular, need to be of standards that meet those of safety. As much as you would not like for untoward things to happen while spending time with the baby outside of your homes, it is always best to keep ourselves prepared for the unexpected. It will be a big relief if you know that the baby is safe whether at home or outside.

Be Wary Of Who Kisses or Touches the Baby

This might seem a bit negative for others, but having people kiss and touch the baby can be a harmful event. Diseases and viruses can easily be transferred from person to person through skin contact. It is still much safer to keep the baby away from hugs and kisses until you are sure enough that your child’s immune system is strong enough to ward off harmful bacteria.

Your baby is an inspiration in your life that is beyond your wildest expectations. By keeping them safe, you are already doing a great job at becoming a great parent.

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